6 herramientas gratis para descifrar #Ransomware

El grupo No More Ransom ha estado trabajando en el desarrollo de herramientas para descifrar ciertos tipos de ransomware para ofrecerlo tanto a los ámbitos privados como públicos.

1. Rannoh Decrypter

Hecho por Kaspersky Lab, diseñado contra RannohCryptXXX. Para éste último, funciona en las versiones 1, 2 y 3. Disponible en éste link.

1. Rannoh Decrypter Although it is often difficult to reverse-engineer sophisticated ransomware variants, Kaspersky Lab made that happen, and in this case updated the Rannoh Decryptor, which now cleanses both Rannoh and CryptXXX malware. One caveat: It will only decrypt as long as there is at least one original file sample that has not been encrypted by CryptXXX. The Rannoh Decrypter now works on CryptXXX versions 1, 2, and 3. For versions 1 and 2, Kaspersky Lab found implementation mistakes, and for version 3 it was stored on the server. Follow this link for more information. Image Source: Kaspersky Lab

2. Wildfire Decryptor

Diseñado por Kaspersky LabsIntel Security, seguí este link para más información.

2. Wildfire Decryptor Kaspersky Lab got a phone call at one of its local offices in Europe that a machine was infected with ransomware. They tracked down the server in the Netherlands and had the local Dutch police seize the server. The police then turned over the keys to Kaspersky Lab and McAfee. When police examined the server, they found that the crooks made $80,000 in a single month and roughly 5,600 machines were infected. Both Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security developed tools. Follow this link for more information. Image Source: Kaspersky Lab

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